Ultimatum for the Conflicting Differences in the Religion and Spirituality Section?

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  1. By Brett A on Apr 9, 2007 | Reply

    You state: "Therefore I believe… "

    This is yet another instance showing "belief" to be a totally *meaningless* term. Belief in Gods is as useless as belief in subsection change – many of us want divergent views here…
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  2. By prairiecrow on Apr 9, 2007 | Reply

    Nay. I like mixing it up and seeing what people of all religions have to say on a topic.
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  3. By agharo_jager on Apr 9, 2007 | Reply

    When faith is involved, animosity is inescapable. Even within religions, there are many various sects, and arguments betweens these sects can be even worse than between religions as a whole. I say keep it as is.
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  4. By jason h on Apr 9, 2007 | Reply

    why stop there?
    lets split all of those into factions too!
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  5. By rhsaunders on Apr 9, 2007 | Reply

    I vote No, as, like the second responder, I want to see a multiplicity of views.
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  6. By typicalnotme on Apr 9, 2007 | Reply

    Grow up.
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  7. By Janet k on Apr 9, 2007 | Reply

    Perfect Idea..I'll vote for it.
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  8. By Taliesin Penn Beirdd on Apr 9, 2007 | Reply

    But then how is anyone from one religion supposed to learn and gain better understanding of another. And in any case aren't you being a little hypocritical, having a knock at those that are intolerant of others points of view, but you appear to be showing your intolerance at theirs?
    No I say leave it all together, afterall it's all a form of spirituality.
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  9. By djs820 on Apr 9, 2007 | Reply

    Step off it. Questions are being answered. Maybe not the way you want them to be, but they are still being answered. Besides, even if you split up the section like you want, what is going to make Christians stop going into the Atheism section, and vice versa. If this bothers you that much, don't come on here. People are entitled to their opinions, even if they aren't the same as yours. Yes, there are idiots on here that insult others, but the majority of people are not like that, and actually put out good points.
    So, in answer to your question, Nay. It should stay the way it is.
    Go make another site for just Christians.
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  10. By kiwikiwi_bird@sbcglobal.net on Apr 9, 2007 | Reply

    It's not the system's problem, it's the people's problem.
    But as we can't fix the people's belligerence, if this can help, then it might be worth a shot.

    It may not stop conflict, however, because people could frequent whatever section they wanted to target and use it for their purposes. *shrugs*
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  11. By tonks_op on Apr 9, 2007 | Reply

    Ah… that would take away all of the fun. I tell people that R&S section is a place to test your faith. It is a wild, no man's land. Only for the brave of heart. And you never know when a troll will jump out of the bushes. Or an Atheist lay a trap. It is a dangerious place. A place the angels fear to tread. But I wouldn't change it.
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  12. By 4HIM on Apr 9, 2007 | Reply

    I believe that there is productivity. I have opened my Bible many more times that I would have without this R&S catagory. I do like to see other's ideas.
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  13. By arily666 on Apr 9, 2007 | Reply

    yu ask questions and then if they don't give the answers you like you cry they are wrong and its animosity but the ones who dissagree could be correct and you just missed it so how does your proposal help . there will still be those who have opinions contrary to what you wanted. learn to live with it it's the same almost anywhere in a free society . remember when they had black and white drinking fountains ;well not any longer and no one has really suffered by intergration of races so why should R & S be any different if you have to segregate why don't you go to church sunday school or start your own prejudiced and segregated site for the censorship of ideology… are you really all that insecure.? need I say more!
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  14. By Halfling Pirate on Apr 9, 2007 | Reply

    Nay on this subsection idea.

    You see this conflict of religious interest in the real world. The internet is place of free thought exchange. Why should Answers be a sheltered ivory tower? It shouldn't. You see it in real life. If you don't like to hear others' ideas, then go to your place of religious worship or don't get on the internet. People are always going to be clustered together anyways and conflict of interest will ensue.

    Even if we did separate the sects, people would still go to other sections to antagonize others. It happens now. People trying to force their opinions on others. You're going to find it everywhere, so you might as well tune things out. People asking questions like, "Why don't you believe what I do? You're wrong!?" Or, "All [insert religion here] are idiots!?" Etc. Etc. Etcetera.

    The main goal of this site may be to answer questions, but this is also a place to discuss ideas, beliefs, etc. Conflict is going to happen, but there is no need to move things around just because someone has an opposing view point.

    All I can say to people is to get over it.
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  15. By Ask Mr. Religion on Apr 9, 2007 | Reply

    All you will do is multiply the current sad situation.

    I have taken a position that if a question is explicitly targeting "atheists", "non-believers" or something similar, that I will not answer (but may read for my own edification) the question since I obviously do not fit these labels.

    Likewise, if a question is labeled "believers", "theists", “Muslims”, “Jehovah’s Witnesses”, etc., it would be polite if persons not fitting the question’s label would not respond. Persons that do so seem to me to be very desperate for attention or the paltry two points. I also ignore questions that obviously violate the new community guidelines posted at http://answers.yahoo.com/info/community_guidelines.php, and especially those that are vulgar, hate-mongering, vapid preaching, or are just chatty.

    So it seems to me, outside of responding to questions that fit one’s identity, only if a question is non-specific as to some target population should responses be expected from “any and all” persons.

    We all learned this behavior in kindergarten but seem to have forgotten how to play nice with one another. We were taught to not speak unless spoken to, answer the question asked, and be polite. Yet, even when a question is marked unequivocally for, say, “Pro-Choice Women”, you will find males posting answers. Apparently some have never learned, as George Elliot noted, "Blessed is the person who, having nothing to say, abstains from giving us worthy evidence of the fact."

    Yet why is it that when some are older they feel they can reject all semblances of politeness hiding behind anonymity, or shallow and strained arguments for free speech, “I’m just having fun”, “Open Forum”, etc? In truth, these are not really the salient issues, but only the excuses used to rationalize bad behavior.

    What enables these forums? The answer should be clear–it is the question posed. The questioner is the driving force in these forums and should be able to designate a specific population for the responses they are seeking. For if there are no questions, there is no reason for a Q&A type of forum. Thus, the focus for any of my responses is on what the asker may think of my answer. If the asker doesn’t like my answer I usually hear about it and learn from them. Nevertheless, I try to write cogent responses in hopes they are useful to others who may take the time to read them.

    I create my answers from an academic theologian’s perspective, as this is my “day job”. Yes, my answers are often wordy; to honor the questioner with enough details to help them learn more. I believe that what a person sets into writing is a greater act of consciousness than what a person speaks from their mouths. So, when a non-believer writes some of the vitriol that we see in this Forum, it demonstrates the state of their intellectual maturity. Or if we see vitriolic comments from self-professed believer, this person is demonstrating the real nature of the state of their faith to others; they may know the Word of the Lord, but they do not know the Lord of the Word.

    If we respect the sincere questioner’s desires for specificity (if any), adhere to the community guidelines, and remember what we learned when we were six years old, spending time in this forum will be worth our precious time.
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  16. By manoman on Apr 9, 2007 | Reply

    I like it

    I could go on their line and make k-k-k-k- orny jokes
    when they ask serious atheist questions!

    You ever heard of the athaeist funeral, PEOPLE ALL DRESSED UP AND NO WHERE TO GO!!!

    I'M SORRY… I'm athest can anyone tell me where God is?

    Where you ain't!! (but thats where you want Him…RIGHT!)
    References :
    Rm 16.16;Gen 1:1; Rm 1.25
    Tanx 4 the Q/A

  17. By Terry on Apr 9, 2007 | Reply

    If protestants had there own place it wouldn't be a full day before they began "spreading the news" in all the other subsections. It's easier to herd them around when their all in one place.
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  18. By Nowpower on Apr 9, 2007 | Reply

    I come from a large, noisy family. This type of discussion of religion and spirituality took place every night at dinner. We each could be quite passionate about our views, and we kept up with our parents in depth and substance. This forum does not disturb me. You got to bear in mind, there are folks of all ages, varying degrees of sincerity, experience and study, people who just run in and out, people hiding their peas in their napkins, or throwing them when mom looks the other way, lunatics, mystics and people with little other opportunity to say two words to someone from all over the world. How can you not love it?
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  19. By tlhslobus on Apr 10, 2007 | Reply

    I disagree. Splitting up this section would deprive us all of the benefits of seeing the range of opinions and possible answers on offer, with the most interesting and important ones often being precisely the ones from people whose views are very different from our own. If such a split occurred, then some people, including me, would possibly or probably consider it an unproductive waste of time to visit.
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    No source for the above, other than my personal views, which can be seen somewhat more fully (though not quite fully) at

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